Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year, New Start

I must apologize for the radio silence over the last four months, I took a break from base ball as the result of an unsatisfying string of events and temporarily walked away from the game, but I've returned and am ready to conclude my look at the 1888 Colonels and look ahead to new ventures with this blog.

To explain what happened, we need to go back to September and a two-game series in Cincinnati. The first game proved close, with my club in the lead, and a disagreement over a fair-foul argument turned ugly. The attitudes shown by a few of my teammates turned the disagreement into a near fistfight, this is not why I wanted to play vintage base ball and I had my fill of this attitude, one that showed throughout the season in multiple unpleasant incidents (at least in my eyes). As a result, I decided that while I love the game, I cannot abide bad sportsmanship and an attitude that brings it into disrepute.

After speaking with my father and my wife, I quit that evening. Looking back, I would've handled my resignation differently, but not the act itself. As early proponent of the game Henry Chadwick said, "barked chins and broken fingers may be easily mended, but a disfigured reputation may never be entirely repaired." The course being charted could only lead to dishonoring the game, I had to go.

In addition, around that time, the attitudes by certain fans of the modern game on social media proved ugly as the playoffs neared. That, combined with the Cincinnati kefuffle made me decide I needed a break and I focused more intently on my other interests. That's what I've done, but the time away did me good. I'm ready to get back at the history of the game.

While I don't know if I'll ever play again (I hope to), but if not I'll still chronicle its past and its meaning to the Commonwealth. So, be looking for new material here shortly.

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